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Feb. 19th, 2010
Rx for Health Reform: A Perspective from the Heartland
WFYI Studios

While much of the national debate about healthcare revolves around entitlement and budget, the reality remains that colleges continue to prepare healthcare professionals and civic leaders. What role is the academy playing in the healthcare developments? What role should it play? And, what are some practical suggestions  about the role it could play in the near future? What are long-term implications for universities’ strategic planning?

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October 22, 2010
Education in Crisis: The Unasked Questions
National Press Club 

There is a taxonomy of responses to the charges against Education's wellbeing. From Kindergarten through terminal degree programs, from elite privates through large publics, and from traditional campuses to online deliveries, educational units and systems are being questioned about efficiency and effectiveness. Given this scenario, it's safe to say that the educational "crisis" threads from K-grad, with many different facets. If we define "crisis" as "A time when something important for the future happens or is decided," then it is our hope — "that our response can help to avoid a complete breakdown and/or to take positive steps forward."  This National Conversation is about forming an informed response, both philosophically and practically. This will happen on both the personal and corporate level.

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Recorded June 27, 2011
Broadcast October 25, 2011
Wealth Creation & Human Flourishing
One Great George Street 

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Northfield, Massachusetts 
Recorded Sepember 21, 2012
The Future of Christian Higher Education
Moody Campus

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